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Welcome to the Engineering Executive Forum

The Engineering Executive Forum is an invitation-only peer group of senior development managers from the New England area.

The group meets one evening a month on the campus of a local college to share experiences on topics of professional interest, compare notes, and explore new ideas. Members exchange a wealth of best practices and problem solving experience. When appropriate, the Forum invites subject matter experts to facilitate discussions on special topics.

Now in its eight year, there are no membership fees and meeting attendance is solely based on member interest in the agenda topics.

Forum membership is limited to seasoned executives with development, marketing, or operational responsibility that complement the makeup of the current roster. Meeting attendance is on a reservation basis and is restricted to ensure attendees feel free to discuss issues in a frank and open manner.

If you think you qualify and would enjoy participating, contact us. We would love to welcome you.

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Next Meeting

October 31, 2012

Personal Networking

Since the last meeting was awhile ago, this session will spend much of its time on bringing members up to speed on recent developments in their careers, industries etc.

We will also review the current mission of the EEF and potentially reframe its objectives and goals for the upcoming year.

Before we ajourn, we will reconsider the necessary tasks and responsibilities of member and identify individuals to lead future speaker recruitment and membership.


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